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Identity Theft of Children on the Rise

Identity Theft of Children on the Rise - The Beacon


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By: Michael

Identity Theft of Children on the Rise

If your identity is stolen, what will you do? Do you know your rights? Knowing what to do is important because an identity thief can hijack your tax refund, alter your medical records, prevent you from getting credit or a job, and even borrow money in your child’s name. But how do you protect your child’s information and your own, and what are the immediate steps to take to limit the damage identity theft can cause. Perhaps even more troubling is an increase of parents and family members using the identities of children to get around bad credit, buy vehicles, and even restore their utility services.

Taking charge: What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen is a PDF step-by-step guide that includes sample letters, forms and essential contact information.

A brochure, Identity Theft: What To Know, What To Do, explains the basic steps of protecting information and responding to identity theft.

Safeguarding Your Child’s Future is a PDF telling parents how to protect their children’s information, find out if a credit report has been created for them, and respond to problems.

For victims of identity theft, knowing how to take charge is essential to minimize damage, and spotting potential signs of trouble early. Information is available in three new one-minute videos. Go to the FTC’s Identity Theft Website to read, download, print and order publications.

To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357).

You can also use the services of the BBB for companies that refuse to work with you to resolve billing issues created by people claiming to be you or your child.

You can also see our Prezi for more information on Identity Theft.

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