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IRS Delays Accepting Tax Forms After Recent Legislation

IRS Delays Accepting Tax Forms After Recent Legislation - The Beacon


By: Jason

IRS Delays Accepting Tax Forms After Recent Legislation

MP900316889 On January 8th the IRS issued a press release to announce that due to the recent legislation (American Taxpayer Relief Act, ATRA) it will delay accepting 1040 filings until January 30th. ATRA was passed on January 2nd and calls for numerous changes to tax forms and tax form processing. The IRS had planned to start accepting 1040 filings on the 22nd but had to postpone to the 30th due to all the changes. You can see the press release here.

According to the IRS the majority of tax payers can start filing on the 30th but those requiring more complicated forms may have to wait until late February or March. Here is a list of these forms.

Unless you require these additional forms you should be able to file beginning on the 30th whether you file electronically or by paper. The IRS says that 80% of taxpayers filed electronically last year and the acting commissioner Steven Miller states in this news release that filing electronically is the best option for consumers.

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