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It’s Tax Day! Have You Filed Yet?

It’s Tax Day! Have You Filed Yet? - The Beacon


By: Amanda

It’s Tax Day! Have You Filed Yet?

Tax day has arrived already, and you may be one of many people out there that have yet to file your taxes for 2012.  Lucky for you, the IRS and your BBB have a few tips for last minute filers.

1. Looking for a tax professional to prepare them for you? Contact your BBB for information and a business review on tax professionals in your area.

2. File with the correct place.  Filing electronically may reduce the chance that your information will end up in the wrong place, but if you choose to file through the mail, double check the address.  To help you, the IRS has a map located here.  You can click on your state, and the address you need to send the forms to should appear.

3. Filing by paper? Get the forms to the Post Office on time.  The forms must be postmarked by today.  Previously, some USPS offices had longer hours on tax day to accommodate last minute filers; however, some are not doing that any longer.  You may wish to call your local branch to determine their hours for today.

4. Fill in all information clearly and double check your figures.  Review your personal information, including Social Security number, for errors & keep in mind that one common mistake found, according to the IRS, are mathematical errors.  Be sure you are using the appropriate tax table found on the IRS website to calculate your taxes.

5. Check your routing and bank account number carefully.  If you are going to receive a refund and are requesting direct deposit, make sure you enter your routing and account numbers carefully.  A wrong number could delay your refund or the funds could get deposited into someone else’s account.

6. If you owe taxes, the IRS says they have several e-payment options or you can send a check or money order payable to the “United States Treasury”.

7. Before sending, make sure you sign and date the form and include all required forms.

8. Keep a copy of the filing for your records.

9. If you can’t file today, you can file an extension request with the IRS which will help to avoid late filing fees.  Visit the IRS website for instructions on filing for the extension.  However, the IRS reminds you that while the extension grants you additional time to file your taxes, tax payments are due today.

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Amanda is the Director of Bureau Affairs and is a regular contributor to the consumer education blog. She is one of our go-to colleagues for answering complex consumer inquires. Amanda also manages our charity reporting program.