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Latest IRS Scam Uses Postal Mail, Email and Text Messages

Latest IRS Scam Uses Postal Mail, Email and Text Messages - The Beacon


By: Michael

Latest IRS Scam Uses Postal Mail, Email and Text Messages

Your BBB® hears daily from people with concerns relating to the IRS. Of course, these scams change all the time.  Here is the newest version making the rounds.

Criminals are sending bogus emails with attachments, text messages and postal mail claiming to be from the IRS, using a phony Form CP 2000 and claiming the form relates to the Affordable Care Act. This form is normally mailed by the IRS when income reported by employers does not match the income reported on a tax return.

This is being investigated by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The real CP 2000 form contains six pages with instructions about what steps to take, whether you agree or disagree with the assessment. Crooks are currently only extorting cash out of victims, but could in the future be used for instant malware infections.

You might receive emails with attached phony forms, text messages and even live calls to your phone. If you get any emails, text messages, postal mail or even live calls about this, do not respond and hang up the phone. If you receive a “CP 2000” form in the mail and doubt its authenticity, you can always call the IRS at 800-366-4484.

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