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Modern Warfare 4 Beta Call Of Duty Scam?

Modern Warfare 4 Beta Call Of Duty Scam? - The Beacon


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By: Tom

Modern Warfare 4 Beta Call Of Duty Scam?

Recently we at the BBB learned of an issue with the Beta release of codes to Modern Warfare 4.  Even gamers need to be aware of potential fraud as well.

A fake web site was setup attracting gamers looking to obtain codes to the as of yet, unreleased beta.  The fake site used the domain, and was taken down after news of the fraudulent site spread across the internet.  As you can probably guess, there is no beta available as of yet. 

NS4Gamers issued an apology regarding the misinformation and explains how they were victims of this fraud.  For more information about the outcome from NS4Gamers, visit

It appears that no one was actually harmed by visiting the fake site.  But for all of us who use the internet, it reminds us just how careful we need to be when we interact with people online.  Fake websites can look very convincing, and minimally, check who owns the website.  Unfortunately some of these domains don’t register that information but use a proxy which makes it nearly impossible to determine who the owners are.  If you feel uncomfortable on any website, you may want rethink providing any personal information. 

You can visit for information about many businesses in our Tri-State region as well as national companies.  You can find information by entering the company name, phone number, or web address to conduct your search.

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Tom is Vice President for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. In addition to answering the needs of our accredited businesses, Tom can be seen on WEVV providing tips for businesses and consumers. He also works closely with other local media outlets to keep our community informed of marketplace issues affecting our area.