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Money Orders That Take Instead of Give

Money Orders That Take Instead of Give - The Beacon


By: Michael

Money Orders That Take Instead of Give

If you find money orders for hundreds of dollars showing up on your doorstep, throw them out! Large bundles of counterfeit money orders from West Africa are arriving and being divvied up to send to people previously contacted via internet or mail order schemes. Once deposited, criminals have access to victims’ bank accounts.

How can you tell if the money order you received is counterfeit?  Here are a few quick ways to tell:

-There is a metallic security thread that in a real money order is woven into the paper. On the counterfeit it’s printed on the outside.

-Real money orders also have a watermark of Benjamin Franklin on the far left side. On the counterfeits the water mark is actually printed on the outside of the paper. It’s not a true watermark where it is visible when you hold it up to the light.

-If you are not expecting a money order in the mail, or if you don’t know who is sending the money order, take it to a post office and have the clerk take a look at it; they’re trained to identify counterfeits. Or, just throw it out!

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