Mother’s Day Scam Alert: Fake $75 Off Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon!

Your BBB® has noticed that there are many Mother’s Day coupons circulating on the internet this month. But if you see a $75 off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in your social media feed, it’s best that you don’t click on it. This is an official statement from Bed Bath and Beyond:

The way the scammers operate is: when you click on the coupon, you will be directed to a survey during which you will be asked to provide personal information.

No coupon code will be revealed at the end of the survey as this scam’s only purpose is to collect your data, which may be used later to send you other scams or to access your online accounts. If you see a coupon on social media that you would like to use for a purchase, make sure to look into it first.

We would also recommend that you contact the company at a phone number you know to be correct. Ask them about their current campaigns and if this coupon you are interested in is coming from them or not.

There is also a fake Lowe’s coupon surfing the internet. This Mother’s Day, do your research before buying a present!

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