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New Malware Scheme

New Malware Scheme - The Beacon


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By: Tom

New Malware Scheme

Recently the Tri-State Better Business Bureau has presented information regarding cyber security, and since October is Cyber security month, we have one more tip to present. 

We became aware of this scheme which installs malware on your computer through the use of Avaya Modular Messaging.  It is delivered via e-mail, with a subject line of “Voicemail Message.”  This is what our attachment we received looks like:

Pic of malware file




Even the “to” line is suspicious as it uses the correct domain name of the recipient, but the preceding characters look like gibberish.  You may want to run a virus and malware scan of your computer.  Again, the attachment is most likely not an audio file, but when opened it will install malware on your computer. 

This malware isn’t quite as sinister as the cryptolocker ransomware, which we highlighted in a previous blog post, but of course, any malware that infects your computer is problematic, annoying and costly if you need the assistance of a technician to remove it.

For more information regarding cyber security and other topics of interest, visit where you can Start With Trust®.

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Tom is Vice President for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. In addition to answering the needs of our accredited businesses, Tom can be seen on WEVV providing tips for businesses and consumers. He also works closely with other local media outlets to keep our community informed of marketplace issues affecting our area.