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New Scam Takes People for a Roller Coaster Ride

New Scam Takes People for a Roller Coaster Ride - The Beacon


By: Michael

New Scam Takes People for a Roller Coaster Ride

Your BBB is always on the lookout for deceptive information which comes in many forms.

If a friend tells you they have some amazing pictures or video, most people don’t hesitate clicking on the link to see it. However, if it concerns a roller coaster accident in Florida, think before you click. Security experts are warning about a Facebook post that’s going viral, claiming to have “shocking video footage” of a roller coaster accident in Florida. But if it were true, this would have been on TV, radio, Google News and elsewhere. There was no roller coaster accident. This is a “click trick” to get you to download malware into your computer, according to

Be suspicious of words like “shocking,” “incredible” or “must see” — even if it pops up on a friend’s Facebook feed, and appears to be from them. Search Google or YouTube. If it is real, you will find that video clip elsewhere. Your computer won’t catch a virus from YouTube, because you don’t download anything. A simple search will reveal that this video doesn’t exist and is a scam.

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