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New Twist on Grandparent Scam: Targeting Military

New Twist on Grandparent Scam: Targeting Military - The Beacon


By: Beth

New Twist on Grandparent Scam: Targeting Military

Even though we’ve talked to hundreds of senior citizens about marketplace scams this year, our work is not complete.  I spoke with several seniors last week during a speaking event who had nearly fallen for the grandparent scam.

One woman admitted that she was thrown off when she received the call on a weekday morning. Even though she was suspicious, she assumed fraudsters would only call in the evenings.

Only when a clerk at the bank suggested another grandmother think twice did she take a moment to call her son.  (They eventually learned he was, indeed, at school and not in Canada being held by the police.)

But a recent twist on this scam means military personnel, specifically, are being targeted. A fellow BBB alerted us that a local resident had been contacted by a grandson that was serving in the military and is currently deployed.  The story was that the soldier broke a local law in a foreign country and needed to be bailed out. 

We are always concerned when we hear a specific population is being targeted. (No doubt fraudsters have turned to military personnel in part because it would be more difficult to confirm their whereabouts.)  It is increasingly important, then to help spread the word about this and other schemes.

If you’d like to learn more, read our related posts or feel free to contact us.

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Beth was Director of BBB Services and wrote for the consumer education blog from 2008 to 2011. Beth also managed projects of the Tri-State Better Business Bureau Foundation, including the Student of Integrity Scholarship and senior citizen education programs, and she worked with local charities as a part of our charity reporting service.