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Lawn Service Considerations

May 15, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Now that the warm weather has arrived, many homeowners are signing up for lawn services to keep their lawn, trees and shrubs looking good. Different lawn service competitors solicit your business every year with promises of better products, more attentive […]

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Travel Scam #1: Gas Money

May 14, 2007 Mary Beth 1

This is the first in a five part series on travel scams. As the weather heats up and the kids get out of school, thoughts turn to travel. And whether you’re going to the Smokey Mountains, New York City or […]

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Intro to FDIC Insurance

May 11, 2007 Mary Beth 0

We’ve all seen the little signs at the bank proclaiming that they are FDIC Insured but do you really know what that means? Jonathon over at My Money Blog has an excellent post on the subject. What Does the FDIC […]

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501(c)…huh? Part 3 of 4

May 9, 2007 Alanna 0

Continued from Parts 1 & 2 501(c)(19) These are veterans’ organizations. Contributions to 501(c)(19) organizations are deductible as charitable donations if at least 90% of the members are war veterans. (There are still 501(c)(4) veterans’ organizations around and the same […]

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501(c)…huh? Part 2 of 4

May 2, 2007 Alanna 0

Continued from Part 1 501(c)(4) 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations include lobbying organizations and ones that primarily focus on social welfare. Other 501(c)(4) organizations are civic leagues, local associations of employees and some volunteer fire departments. Generally, contributions to these types […]

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The Charity Myth

May 1, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Almost all of the money contributed to charity must go to the intended purpose. FACT: Charitable organizations are not obligated to spend a minimum percentage of what they raise on their stated charitable purposes. But donors should ask if the […]