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Recalls for the Week, Log Splitters to Pistachios

April 3, 2009 Beth 1

1.) Brave Products (Streator, IL) Reannounces a recall of their Brave Log and Iron & Oak Log Splitters.  An urgent warning alerting users of an amputation hazard has been issued. The cause is a defective rod retention in the hydraulic […]

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Fraud Alert! Letters from the Dept. of Transportation

April 2, 2009 Beth 1

One of our Accredited Businesses received a fax that concerned them. They knew businesses have reported receiving faxes from a variety of sources asking for some combination of financial and personal information.  They knew to call the BBB, however, and […]

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Easy Money? The Truth About Chain Letters

April 1, 2009 Beth 0

A tri-state consumer contacted our office this week asking about the legitimacy of a letter she received.  The letter details an invitation to participate in a program that would allow her to earn $800,000 in 30 days. Of course, our […]

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News On the State of Consumer Protection Regulations

March 31, 2009 Beth 0

Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, recently went before the House committee to discuss how the agency may or may not be protecting consumers from predatory lenders, including credit card companies, payday lenders, [and] sub prime mortgage groups. […]

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Businesses Beware: More Fraudulent Invoices, New Twist

March 30, 2009 Beth 0

Here’s how it goes: your business receives a shipment of instructional DVDs from the Occupational and Safety Health Administration. You didn’t order the DVDs, and you soon receive an invoice.  Or perhaps you never receive the DVDs, just the invoice.  […]

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Good News For Internet Auction Site Users

March 27, 2009 Beth 0

We wrote in a January post about the risks of purchasing from an online auction site. The Federal Trade Commission has addressed the issue in response to consumer complaints, and the BBB has advised consumers to be informed before entering […]

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More on College Textbooks: Relief in Sight!

March 26, 2009 Beth 2

In August of last year we wrote about the Higher Education Opportunity Act which includes provisions addressing textbook pricing. The legislation addressed practices within the textbook industry to purposely drive up costs of college textbooks. (A 2005 report by the […]

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More on Stopping Calls from Telemarketers

March 25, 2009 Beth 1

Part-time telemarketer is on the list of odd jobs I had has a young person paying my way through school. Yes, my fellow tri-state residents, I regret to admit I was one of those individuals calling you at dinner time […]