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Travel scam #2: The Coin Scam

June 12, 2007 Alanna 0

A “derelict” approaches you while you’re on your cell phone and shows you a mounted collection of “rare coins.” The mounted display also includes a name and phone number and the offer of an award if the coins are returned […]

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What to Shred & When to Shred it

June 11, 2007 Alanna 1

By now I’m sure that you are all aware that you need to be shredding important documents to help defend against identity theft, but knowing exactly what constitutes an important document can be tricky. And it is always tough to […]

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Buying a Used Car Series #2

June 8, 2007 Alanna 1

ON-THE-LOT CHECKLIST Keep a sharp eye out for the following as you get your first look at a used car: 1. Body”Look for rust, particularly at the bottoms of fenders, around lights and bumpers, on splash panels, under doors, in […]

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All About Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

June 7, 2007 Alanna 1

Great links for educating yourself about Multi-Level Marketing: MLM Watch is a project of Quackwatch, a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. According to their website, they offer: ¢ Analysis of health claims […]

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Scam Alert

June 6, 2007 Alanna 0

Scam artists are using the Red Cross’ name to take advantage of military families. According to the press release on the Red Cross website: The caller (young-sounding, American accent) calls a military spouse and identifies herself as a representative from […]

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Credit Card Data on Receipts

June 5, 2007 Alanna 0

Federal Law prohibits businesses from printing your full credit card number and expiration date on sales receipts. Receipts must have no more than the last 5 digits. This only applies to electronically printed receipts, not handwritten or imprinted ones, and […]

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Forwarded Email Myths & Urban Legends

June 4, 2007 Alanna 0

Everyone knows someone who forwards you every chain letter email they receive. Emails about missing children, helping dying children, myths about the do not call list, warnings about computer viruses, and numerous other urban legends are being forwarded everyday. STOP […]

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Buying a Used Car Series #1

June 1, 2007 Alanna 3

BE A SMART CAR SHOPPER Before launching your search for a good deal on a used car, spend some time considering many of the same factors that would apply to a new car purchase: how you will use the vehicle; […]

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Beware Puppy Buyers!

May 31, 2007 Alanna 2

Both the AKC and the BBB have recently received a number of reports from consumers throughout the nation who have lost money after responding to online or newspaper classified advertising. Commonly, the scammer ”posing as a breeder”will place an ad […]

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Taking the Confusion out of the 990

May 30, 2007 Alanna 1

One important piece of information to look at when donating to a charitable organization is the IRS Form 990. You have a right to ask for a copy from the organization (this document is public information and can also be […]