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What if they ignore me?

April 12, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Continuation of the frequently asked questions series… What if the company ignores my complaint? Occasionally, the Better Business Bureau may be unable to obtain any cooperation from the company. A pattern of unanswered or unresolved complaints becomes a part of […]

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Email Fraud

April 10, 2007 Mary Beth 1

If you’re savvy enough to be into blogs, you probably understand the most common email scams. But you may want to take a look at the slide show below for a refresher on how to avoid becoming a victim. The […]

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Telephone Identification (Myth # 6)

April 10, 2007 Mary Beth 0

It is okay to give out your credit card number over the phone for identification purposes. FACT: Never use your credit card for identification purposes over the phone. It can turn out to be a costly mistake. Con artists with […]

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Price Protectr

April 3, 2007 Mary Beth 0

In a previous post I mentioned the website RefundPlease, which tracks Amazon purchases and lets you know if the item you bought has a price reduction within 30 days so you can have Amazon refund the difference. Well, I just […]

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Sweepstakes Fun (Myth #7)

April 2, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Purchasing magazines improves your chances of winning a publisher sweepstakes. FACT: It is illegal for any type of sweepstakes promotion to require any kind of purchase or payment to enter. Entrants who do not purchase magazines must be given the […]

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What the BBB can do for you

March 30, 2007 Mary Beth 0

After the previous post about what we don’t do, I thought it might be nice to tell you what the BBB can do for you. In addition to providing consumer education services (like this blog, PSAs and speeches), we handle […]

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Work at Home Story

March 29, 2007 Mary Beth 3

It’s story time! The following presentation will introduce you all to Jane, a stay at home mom looking for work at home opportunities to allow her to continue to spend time with her kids while earning a little extra money…it […]

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ID Theft Quiz

March 28, 2007 Mary Beth 1

Determine how well you are guarding against identity theft by taking this short quiz. (I got an 18!)