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Avoid Scams That Target Military Personnel & Families

March 12, 2009 Beth 1

Last month we wrote about the collaborative effort between Kiplinger and the Council of Better Business Bureaus to offer financial advice to military personnel and their families. Since we at the Tri-State BBB work to warn our consumers of potential […]

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Save Money by Bartering

March 11, 2009 Beth 0

A couple of years ago I met a woman who had started a new business.  I was, at the time, offering freelance services, and we joked that we could hire each other. After a few chance meetings, I finally mustered up the […]

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Do You Read Your Contracts?

March 10, 2009 Beth 0

The Public Citizen’s Consumer Law and Policy Blog brought to my attention a recent NYU Journal of Law & Business article (D.P. Stark, J.M. Choplin, Spring 2009) that addresses an issue that is of particular importance to those of us […]

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Resources for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

March 9, 2009 Beth 0

1.) The Washington Post offers an interactive tool to help homeowners find out if they will benefit from the President’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, which is intended to help individuals avoid foreclosure. 2.) also offers a self-assessment tool […]

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One With a Happy Ending: Consumer Protection

March 6, 2009 Beth 0

In celebration of National Consumer Protection Week, we’d like to share a story with a happy ending! Qchex is an internet-based check creation and delivery service. According to the FTC, the business allowed individuals to create checks, drawing on back […]

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Am I Seriously Considering a Car Purchase?

March 5, 2009 Beth 0

I certainly didn’t think that I would be purchasing a new car this year. Each morning the news reminds me that my financial security has been threatened. Yet I can’t help but think this might be the right time. I […]

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You Can Still Afford To Go To College!

March 4, 2009 Beth 0

We at the BBB are happy to hear that in this trying economic period there is hope for college students. We have heard many stories from our consumers that remind us that the economic downturn has affected us all.  We […]

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls

March 3, 2009 Beth 0

This week the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released a list of recent voluntary recalls that include various toys.  Bicycle parts and stuffed animals are included in the list. See below for more information, and visit the CPSC’s website for […]