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Be a Smart Donor–Demand Transparency & Accountability!

April 13, 2007 Alanna 6

The Better Business Bureau stresses importance on charity accountability and transparency. The BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance evaluates charities against 20 voluntary Standards for Charity Accountability in our Charity Reporting Service. We ask charities to fill out a questionnaire that asks […]

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What if they ignore me?

April 12, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Continuation of the frequently asked questions series… What if the company ignores my complaint? Occasionally, the Better Business Bureau may be unable to obtain any cooperation from the company. A pattern of unanswered or unresolved complaints becomes a part of […]

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Email Fraud

April 10, 2007 Mary Beth 1

If you’re savvy enough to be into blogs, you probably understand the most common email scams. But you may want to take a look at the slide show below for a refresher on how to avoid becoming a victim. The […]

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Telephone Identification (Myth # 6)

April 10, 2007 Mary Beth 0

It is okay to give out your credit card number over the phone for identification purposes. FACT: Never use your credit card for identification purposes over the phone. It can turn out to be a costly mistake. Con artists with […]

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Price Protectr

April 3, 2007 Mary Beth 0

In a previous post I mentioned the website RefundPlease, which tracks Amazon purchases and lets you know if the item you bought has a price reduction within 30 days so you can have Amazon refund the difference. Well, I just […]

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Sweepstakes Fun (Myth #7)

April 2, 2007 Mary Beth 0

Purchasing magazines improves your chances of winning a publisher sweepstakes. FACT: It is illegal for any type of sweepstakes promotion to require any kind of purchase or payment to enter. Entrants who do not purchase magazines must be given the […]

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What the BBB can do for you

March 30, 2007 Mary Beth 0

After the previous post about what we don’t do, I thought it might be nice to tell you what the BBB can do for you. In addition to providing consumer education services (like this blog, PSAs and speeches), we handle […]

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Work at Home Story

March 29, 2007 Mary Beth 3

It’s story time! The following presentation will introduce you all to Jane, a stay at home mom looking for work at home opportunities to allow her to continue to spend time with her kids while earning a little extra money…it […]