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313,982 Identity Theft Complaints to the FTC!

March 2, 2009 Beth 0

The FTC recently released its yearly statistics regarding consumer complaints, stating that identity theft won first prize, equaling 26% of the over one million complaints received by the agency. (Debt collection came in second.) Consumers will also be pleased to […]

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Fake Parking Tickets: Beware!

February 27, 2009 Beth 1

We thought we had seen every method that could be used to trick individuals into installing malicious software.  Pop-up boxes stating you’ve won a prize, prompts to scan for viruses, and emails containing Trojan horses have been reported by consumers […]

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Cute Puppy Emails

February 26, 2009 Beth 0

We here at the BBB are animal lovers, and when an email came to us from a known source spreading news of abandoned puppies in need of homes, we excitedly began brainstorming.  However, once we stopped to study the details, […]

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Financial Advice for Military Families

February 25, 2009 Beth 2

Most Americans are currently feeling the pinch of the economic crisis, whether it takes the form of job loss, home foreclosure, or general financial uncertainty.  This includes our service men and women who, along with their families, must also battle […]

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Access to Your Credit Score

February 24, 2009 Beth 0

Most lenders use an individual’s FICO score to determine how risky the borrower will be. The FICO score was conceived of by Fair Isaac, and each of the three credit bureaus calculate a consumer’s FICO score based on related data. […]

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Identity Theft Advice from the U.S. Postal Service

February 23, 2009 Beth 0

In speaking with consumers who call our BBB for advice, we have realized that, despite our efforts to communicate the dangers of identity theft to our Tri-State residents, many still aren’t aware just how easily information can be stolen.  Many […]

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Online Video Series on Credit and Debt

February 20, 2009 Beth 0

The Tri-State BBB has advised countless consumers to do a bit of research when it comes to handling debt, especially in response to the growing number of calls from untraceable businesses offering to wipe out your debt (for a large […]