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Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Electronics

January 26, 2009 Beth 1

We’ve heard stories from consumers about electronics purchased from online sources that arrive in familiar yet suspicious-looking packaging.  Owner’s manuals read in Chinese, parts are missing, and in some cases, the product fails to work at all. Although the receipt […]

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Students Seeking Financial Aid: Start Now!

January 23, 2009 Beth 0

We are all feeling the pinch of the economic slowdown. Students are no exception. Even those who have the support of family members are dealing with increased tuition costs, escalating textbook expenses, and stiffer competition for loans and scholarships. Kathy […]

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What You Should Know About Home Warranties

January 22, 2009 Beth 3

The cost of owning a home can be significant. Often additional costs present themselves within the first year, requiring consumers to shell out much more than they had planned for when purchasing the home.  Pipes burst, heaters break, and homeowners […]

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Spot a $0.25 Unauthorized Charge? Read Here!

January 21, 2009 Beth 0

We’ve been hearing quite a bit recently about mysterious charges on consumer’s credit cards. These charges are very small amounts ($0.19 – $0.25) and it seems consumers from across the country are being hit. Recent reports note a recent trend: consumers […]

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Trouble Finding Legal Aid?

January 20, 2009 Beth 0

The financial crisis has forced consumers to face certain obstacles that they hadn’t anticipated. Home foreclosures, bankruptcy, and job loss top the list of unfortunate results of the economic downturn.  At a difficult time such as this, consumers are seeking […]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Debt Relief for Consumers

January 19, 2009 Beth 0

The Tri-State BBB continues to receive calls from consumers seeking debt relief.  Perhaps the APR has increased due to recent late payments.  Or maybe utility bills have escalated, making it more difficult to pay a home loan. Whatever the reason, […]

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Even More on DTV Conversions!

January 16, 2009 Beth 0

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced this week that the February 17th digital-only TV switch may not happen as scheduled. The federal government had been offering a $40 coupon to help consumers purchase a converter box if needed. However, the coupons […]

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High Utility Bill This Winter?

January 15, 2009 Beth 1

A recent article from the Consumerist coincides with a pattern of consumer inquiries at the Tri-State BBB. Winter weather typically brings increased energy costs and, at a time when the public is feeling the affects of an economic slump, the […]