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Prevent Credit Card Theft at Gas Pumps

Prevent Credit Card Theft at Gas Pumps - The Beacon


By: Michael

Prevent Credit Card Theft at Gas Pumps

Between 8 and 12 million people will be victims in a single year as thieves use extraordinary measures to steal your money. U.S. postal inspectors are searching hotel rooms and finding suspects with several stolen cards. The scheme involves the use of a spotting scope with a video camera pointed out the window at a gas station where thieves are placing skimming devices on pumps. Thieves log pin numbers as they are watching their victims. All the magnetic strip information on each credit card, combined with the numbers gives you the recipe for theft. Many times thieves are after quick cash, using counterfeit credit cards to generate a lot of cash advances.

Two million taken from New York ATMs, 45 million around the world.

To bleed cards for every last dollar, gas pumps are a primary target.

Cover up numbers as you type them in to prevent onlookers from seeing what your pin number is. If the machine doesn’t look right, don’t use it. Go inside the store and explain that something doesn’t look right. Scammers usually keep close surveillance on their skimming device. Notify law enforcement to help catch criminals in the act, and to prevent it from happening in your neighborhood.

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