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Price Protectr

Price Protectr - The Beacon


By: Mary Beth

Price Protectr

In a previous post I mentioned the website RefundPlease, which tracks Amazon purchases and lets you know if the item you bought has a price reduction within 30 days so you can have Amazon refund the difference. Well, I just came across another site which does the same thing for a wide variety of retailers. Check it out at PriceProtectr.

Here’s how it works:
1. Buy something from one of fifteen supported merchants, including Amazon, Costco, and Sears.
2. Find the item you bought online. Copy-and-paste the URL to Price Protectr.
3. Enter your e-mail address. (Price Protectr promises not to spam you.)
4. Sit back and relax. If Price Protectr notices the price drop at any time during the protection period, you’ll receive an e-mail.

It is a lot easier to log onto this site and enter in the product information one time than to constantly check the retailer’s site. Even a modest percentage reduction can equal big saving on a large ticket item. Remember, the BBB cannot process complaints concerning pricing issues, so do your best to get a good deal. Give the site a try!

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