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Stop! In the Name of Calls

Stop! In the Name of Calls - The Beacon


By: Michael

Stop! In the Name of Calls

Your BBB® receives calls hourly from frustrated consumers who are tired of unwanted phone calls.

A new app for both iOS and android called “Fake-A-Fax” claims to help reduce the thousands of robocalls generated each minute. The app allows you to generate your choice of three different tones: a fax machine tone, the disconnected number sound, or a busy line. If you put it up to the microphone of your phone while the unwanted caller is on the line, the app maker says it spoofs the caller to believe your phone line is a bad number. Some people are also using a free White Pages app to stop unwanted calls to your cell. It sends calls from many numbers to spam, never even ringing your phone. Note: using this app could result in not receiving calls from a business you actually want or need to receive.

A Consumers Union petition seeking 500,000 signatures is underway to push major phone companies to provide free tools to block unwanted robocalls before they get to you. You may still be able to get some relief by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at – 888-382-1222 and the Indiana Do Not Call List at 888-834-9969.

However, now that calls can be made for free over the internet, combined with the ability to trick your caller Id to show any number they want, the effectiveness of these invaluable services may be somewhat diminished.

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While the BBB endeavors to provide accurate information to the public, changes in the law, facts or circumstances may have occurred since the foregoing was posted. The BBB recommends doing independent research and consulting professional advisors concerning a particular situation.

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