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“Sweetest Deals” Are Those We Already Know

"Sweetest Deals" Are Those We Already Know - The Beacon


By: Susan

“Sweetest Deals” Are Those We Already Know

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many consumers are asking “Where I can find the “sweetest deals” for my friends, family or loved one?”

BBB® believes that many of “sweetest deals” are those we already know.

1. The “honest” sale – Retailers who provide full disclosure on the discounted amount, total cost, what is included with the sale, the full return policy and other details that make us comfortable with the purchase. These providers are also happy to answer questions and provide details to give clarification.

2. Those who don’t pry – although we might all have a favorite retailer or two, that doesn’t mean we want them to have our highly personal information or constantly contact us with offers. Consider this when being asked for email addresses or phone numbers and stick to the necessities with other information.

3. Those who don’t pressure – just like in other relationships, we all need a little space. It is not considerate to apply high pressure sales tactics and if you don’t have time to think about the offer, maybe it’s too good to be true.

4. Good with commitment– For service contracts and very expensive items, ask for the details in writing. Know when the work should be started and completed, what charges are covered, who is responsible for clean up and other important details to the task.

For expensive purchases, ask for any warranties, appraisals, care records or other pertinent information for your files.

5. Those who can handle long distances – Before purchasing an item online, take a look at shipping and return policies, ratings provided by other consumers and all product details provided by the retailer. Make sure you are aware all applicable charges and look for contact information, should you need to be in touch.

Consider using your credit card for added protections and utilize free BBB Reviews to help with your purchase decisions.

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Susan is Director of Media Relations for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. She is a contributor to the blog as well as to the online News Center, found at Susan also helps to produce an annual accredited business recognition banquet.