Prevent Credit Card Theft at Gas Pumps

May 13, 2013 Michael 0

Between 8 and 12 million people will be victims in a single year as thieves use extraordinary measures to steal your money. U.S. postal inspectors are searching hotel rooms and finding suspects with several stolen cards. The scheme involves the […]

Don’t Let Your Bank Card Get Skimmed

August 9, 2012 Jason 0

Recently one of our BBBs in Michigan issued a press release warning consumers that “skimmers” had stolen almost $500,000 for consumers in their area. “Skimming” is when criminals attach a card reader to an ATM or gas pump making it […]

Don’t Count Out “Shoulder Surfers”

October 14, 2011 Beth 0

I hear myself telling callers often that fraudsters use the latest technology to steal our identities or personal and financial information. We’ve discussed credit card skimming, botnets, threats via wifi, and the importance of taking precautions while online to keep […]