Phishing Scheme Twist

July 9, 2015 Tom 0

This morning your BBB received an e-mail that was rather suspicious, and stating the following, “Your pending payment was initiated as agreed. Kindly re-confirm your swift code immediately on attached document.” The e-mail was sent to “undisclosed recipients, with instructions to […]

Goodbye Windows XP, But Not So Fast!

April 8, 2014 Michael 0

After twelve years, Microsoft is ending official support for what is perhaps its most popular Windows operating system to date, Windows XP. However, Rather than declining in use since early 2014, adoption has actually increased. Some reasons include: *Older computers […]

New Malware Scheme

October 28, 2013 Tom 0

Recently the Tri-State Better Business Bureau has presented information regarding cyber security, and since October is Cyber security month, we have one more tip to present.  We became aware of this scheme which installs malware on your computer through the […]

Phishers At It Again

October 18, 2013 Amanda 1

Your BBB has received news of a sophisticated phishing scam purporting to be from Microsoft.  The phishing email uses the trouble Microsoft had in September with their updates—w here they were sending out updates to their updates—to trick consumers into […]

Malware Gets Nastier

October 7, 2013 Tom 0

Your Tri-State Better Business Bureau has learned more information about a piece of ransomware that seems to have been making the rounds since January of this year.  Computer users are now faced with a new piece of ransomware called cryptolocker.  […]

One in Ten Adults Are Victims of Internet Crime

April 23, 2013 Michael 0

A new Federal Trade Commission study released last week shows internet crime was experienced by 25.6 million adults – 10.8% of the adult population in 2011. This includes email, social media, auction sites and classified ads, followed by print advertising, […]

Who’s Inside Your Computer?

April 19, 2013 Jason 0

We continue to hear from consumers who have received calls claiming that there is something wrong with their computer and the person on the other end offers to help. The consumer receives a call from someone they don’t know (often […]

Big Brother is Watching, Really…

November 21, 2012 Jackie 0

Did you think the new hit TV show “Person of Interest” is science fiction?  Do you ever wonder why an automated advertisement pops up when you walk by a product in a store?  It may surprise you to know that […]