Credit Card Fraud Still a Problem

February 16, 2016 Tom 0

Over the years, your BBB® has provided warnings regarding credit card scams and security breaches. When the new EMV chip credit and debit cards were introduced, they were to provide greater security for their users. According to a US News […]

Federal Agents Stop World’s Worst Botnet

June 3, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB advises callers daily on ways to avoid credit card fraud, and what to do when it happens to you. We’ve recently learned that an international operation led by the Department of Justice has disabled a hacking network that […]

Use Caution When Purchasing a Gift for Mom

May 7, 2013 Susan 0

With Mother’s Day less than one week away, the BBB advises caution to both consumers and business owners alike, with new orders being placed. A scam from the past has resurfaced, resulting in theft, headaches, and concern in the midst […]