Fake Debt Collectors Pose as Real Businesses

July 19, 2017 Andrew Erk 0

Your BBB® has learned about a new scam trending throughout the country. Fraudsters are unafraid to use any tactics to steal your valuable information. The new trend? They are pretending to be lawyers and debt collectors who threaten to send […]

New Rules Allow Debt Collection Robocalls from the Feds

August 16, 2016 Michael 0

Your BBB® receives many inquiries on third party collections. The Federal Communications Commission released its final rules allowing the federal government and some third party contractors to make debt-collection robocalls to wireless lines. These robocalls can begin as soon as […]

IRS to Use Third Party Debt Collectors

February 4, 2016 Michael 0

The Internal Revenue Service is preparing to use private debt collectors to go after people who have not paid their taxes. Congress added a tax collection provision in the new 2015 highway funding bill. Tax scams rank No. 1 on […]

What to Do When You Don’t Recognize a Debt

December 18, 2015 Amanda 0

Money sometimes can run a little tight during the holidays as we stretch our budgets to accommodate presents and travel, and it can be even tighter if you have debt collectors calling. We, here at your BBB®, often receive calls, […]

Debt Collection: FAQ

August 8, 2014 Amanda 0

We, here at your BBB, often receive calls from consumers who have been called by someone trying to collect a debt. The debt may or may not be real, and, the callers we here about often make threats, call at […]

About to Miss a Student Loan Payment?

September 7, 2012 Amanda 1

You’ve probably heard the discussions in recent months about student loan debt in the U.S.  According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it now surpasses credit card debt.  Students seem to be graduating from college with loans they are having […]