Don’t Be Defrauded By Sandy Scammers

November 6, 2012 Michael 0

In light of Hurricane Sandy that pounded the East Coast, the BBB cautions people to look out for scam artists who will seek to profit off the disaster. People are already posing as representatives of cable TV companies, cell phone […]

Texting Donations

October 12, 2012 Amanda 0

Most people have seen or heard commercials on how to “text to give” to a certain charity, but how do you know where the money is actually going? The BBB Wise Giving Alliance has partnered with the Mobile Giving Foundation […]

Hurricane Relief

August 30, 2012 Tom 0

Hurricane season is upon us, and with it comes relief efforts to assist those who are affected by such disasters.  Whenever there is a disaster, there always are opportunists who come along who are more interested in “profiting” from others […]

Tips for Donating to a Charity

March 30, 2012 Amanda 1

When natural disasters occur, like the tornado a few weeks ago, a normal reaction from people is to donate their time or money to charities to help those in their time of need.  Of course, charities take donations year round, […]

National Consumer Protection Week-Giving Wisely

March 6, 2012 Amanda 0

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance helps donors make informed giving decisions, and advances high standards of conduct among charitable organizations. Our “Standards for Charitable Accountability” are the most rigorous of any charity review organization, and ours is the only review […]

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You Ask, We Answer: Charitable Solicitations

September 13, 2011 Beth 0

I spoke with a great group of senior citizens yesterday who were meeting in the Winslow, Indiana community center. We discussed common marketplace scams, tips for protecting their identity, and other timeline topics of interest. What many of them asked […]

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9/11 Charities and Giving Wisely

September 9, 2011 Beth 0

As we approach September 11th, we’d like to share advice from our friends at the New York BBB to those of you interested in donating to 9/11 charities. Especially interesting is the report you’ll find at the bottom of this […]