Watch Out for Work at Home Scams!

May 9, 2017 Oana Schneider 0

Your BBB® has been getting many phone calls about these work at home scams. What the scammers do is: they send job seekers an email claiming to have found their resumes online and offering them a work from home job. […]

Avoid These Scams Aimed at College Students

August 12, 2016 Amanda 0

Most high school around our area are now back in session; colleges will soon follow.  If you are an incoming freshman or a returning college student, be aware that according to a new study conducted by BBB® millennials are more […]

Looking for a Summer Job? Watch Out for Schemes

May 29, 2015 Amanda 0

School is out for most, and with the passing of Memorial Day, summer has officially started. For those seeking a job this summer, your BBB® offers the following potential signs of an employment scheme. No interview or application. Be careful […]