Facebook Privacy Post Making Rounds Again

October 25, 2016 Amanda 0

Social media continues to grow, and with it, the chances for scams and hoaxes grow as well. Your BBB® has heard about a recent Facebook post that continues to circulate even though it appears to have been debunked several times […]

Brad Pitt Is Dead! Another Hoax on Social Media.

October 3, 2016 Tom 0

The latest celebrity hoax that’s going around is the story that Brad Pitt died.  Your BBB® wants to affirm that Brad Pitt is alive and well.  The hoax says that he died in a shooting range suicide after the announcement […]

Farcing, The Latest Form of ID Theft

August 27, 2015 Michael 0

“Phishing” attempts to get you to disclose personal information via email or telephone. “Smishing” refers to deceptive text messages, and “Vishing” refers to deceptive voicemails. Your BBB® is receiving a dramatic increase of calls concerning the use of Social Media […]

Avoiding Facebook Scams

March 9, 2015 Susan 0

Recently, the Council of Better Business Bureaus provided some information on avoiding Facebook scams. With more than a billion users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media network on the internet, making it a great tool for connecting, […]