Facebook to Track Users Across the Web

July 10, 2014 Jackie 0

When Facebook announced major changes to its privacy and advertising policies recently, your BBB did some research to learn what those changes mean for consumers. Facebook announced the changes in an official company blog post on June 12, 2014. Facebook […]

Have You Been Hacked?

August 2, 2013 Amanda 0

Most forms of communication now seem to take place electronically. Those forms are often password protected, but what happens if your password isn’t good enough?  If you start to receive phone calls or messages from friends or family that state […]

Catfishing – Perils Of Online Dating

January 21, 2013 Tom 2

Catfishing has been around for a number of years, but it’s still a problem, especially for those seeking love in the virtual world. There is a case of which I am familiar, but this didn’t occur in cyber space, but […]

Facial Recognition and Your Privacy

November 28, 2012 Jackie 0

Last week we wrote about the extent of facial recognition technology.  This week we’re writing about facial recognition and its impact on privacy.  In its October report, the Center for Democracy & Technology said it is useful to think of […]