Watch Out for This New Grant Scam!

August 8, 2017 Oana Schneider 0

Your BBB® has learned that there is a new spin on an old scam: scammers are impersonating the National Institutes of Health (NIH), calling consumers and telling them they’ve won a $14,000 government grant. In order to claim the money, […]

“You’ve Won a Government Grant”

October 14, 2016 Amanda 0

We’ve written about this before, but it always seems to come around again.  In fact, just yesterday, your BBB® received at least 3 phone calls from consumers who’ve been offered a grant usually amounting to thousands of dollars either for […]

Top Ten Scams of 2015

December 16, 2015 Michael 0

The results are in from the first 10,000 scams reported to the new Here are the top ten scams of 2015 and a few notes on avoiding each one of them. Scam Type                           […]

Grant Scheme Using BBB’s Name

April 16, 2015 Amanda 0

Yesterday, your BBB® received a call from a consumer who said that they had just received a call from someone claiming to be with BBB about a grant she had “won.” She was advised by this individual that the call […]

Grant Schemes Just Keep On Coming

February 3, 2014 Tom 0

This past Friday Amanda wrote about a grant scheme that was brought to our attention here at your BBB where the schemers were offering a grant in the amount of $7000.00.  On Friday, I received a call from a consumer […]