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Vehicle Hacking Concerns

May 12, 2016 Tom 0

While doing a little research on technology scams, I came across information from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, and learned more about the topic of vehicle hacking.  So your BBB® wants to pass along information about some issues and […]

Remote Control Crime

September 15, 2015 Michael 0

Do you own, or have any interest in owning technologies allowing you to control your home from a device, or from another location? This includes security systems, lighting, kitchen appliances, televisions, Wi-Fi cameras, video monitors, wireless heart monitors, insulin dispensers, […]

Cloning Fingers

January 13, 2015 Michael 0

Your BBB works hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest security concerns. Could your own fingerprint be hacked? Jan Krissler, a hacker in Berlin Germany claims to have done it. Krissler points to pictures of German […]

Don’t Smile! You’re On Candid Camera

December 12, 2014 Jackie 0

Your BBB® wrote about this issue back in August of 2013, but more incidents are being reported of nanny cams, baby monitors, security cameras, and other IP cameras being hacked. With more consumers turning to network or Internet cameras, also […]

Phone Hacking Surfaces In The Tri-State

June 24, 2014 Tom 0

This past week, we here at the Tri-State Better Business Bureau learned from one of our accredited businesses that they were victimized by a phone hacker. From what we’ve learned, the hacker entered in the business’s phone system, dialed into […]

Federal Agents Stop World’s Worst Botnet

June 3, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB advises callers daily on ways to avoid credit card fraud, and what to do when it happens to you. We’ve recently learned that an international operation led by the Department of Justice has disabled a hacking network that […]

Your Car Can Be Hacked

June 2, 2014 Tom 0

In today’s world, there are so many ways in which our electronic devices can be hacked, and cause all sorts of harm and possible physical damage. Your BBB wants to inform readers regarding another way in which computer systems could […]