Fake Emails Could Leave Your Penniless

May 18, 2017 Oana Schneider 0

Your BBB® has learned that area residents are receiving scam emails asking them to wire money. The fake emails are usually very professionally done and claiming to represent a company that you usually do business with, a utility company and the […]

Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers

July 15, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB constantly monitors security risks and reports those of greatest concern. The U.S. Secret Service is advising the hospitality industry to inspect computers made available to guests in hotel business centers, warning that crooks have been compromising hotel business […]

New Internet Crime Initiative

October 8, 2013 Amanda 0

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The Better Business Bureau receives calls daily from people who have been victims of internet crimes. Unfortunately due to limited staffing, the FBI is only pursuing crimes whose value exceeds $100,000. Since most […]

One in Ten Adults Are Victims of Internet Crime

April 23, 2013 Michael 0

A new Federal Trade Commission study released last week shows internet crime was experienced by 25.6 million adults – 10.8% of the adult population in 2011. This includes email, social media, auction sites and classified ads, followed by print advertising, […]

Reporting an Internet Crime

November 7, 2012 Jackie 0

Our office received a call today from a woman who received a phone call from someone claiming to represent Microsoft Tech Support.  The so-called tech support person told the woman that she had several viruses on her computer and he […]