April 5, 2016 Michael 0

Your BBB® hears from people who get themselves in trouble by clicking on the wrong links in search engines, or mistyping a website in the address bar. Be careful visiting websites when typing the URL into your browser’s address bar. […]

Calls From 559-515-8002

September 30, 2014 Tom 3

Recently we discussed several types of schemes involving consumers receiving phone calls from representatives claiming that they noticed that computers were infected with viruses/malware. As you are aware, we at the BBB® also receive such calls as well, but on […]

Over 1000 Business Point of Sale Systems Compromised

August 26, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB has reported various business security breaches over the last few years. Over the past year, the Secret Service has responded to over 1,000 business network intrusions impacted by malware known as “Backoff”. Seven Point of Sale system providers/vendors […]

Headaches With Adware

July 17, 2014 Tom 0

Sometimes as we go through our normal routines, we find issues that cause us concern. Your BBB wishes to make you aware of some of the things we have learned. Recently I went to the control panel on my home […]

Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers

July 15, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB constantly monitors security risks and reports those of greatest concern. The U.S. Secret Service is advising the hospitality industry to inspect computers made available to guests in hotel business centers, warning that crooks have been compromising hotel business […]

Federal Agents Stop World’s Worst Botnet

June 3, 2014 Michael 0

Your BBB advises callers daily on ways to avoid credit card fraud, and what to do when it happens to you. We’ve recently learned that an international operation led by the Department of Justice has disabled a hacking network that […]