Identity Theft Prevention Tips

October 12, 2015 Susan 0

  Identity theft is a common and growing problem, and once personal information is compromised, the outcomes can be devastating. Information may be compromised by theft of personal documents, phishing for information online, or even convincing phone requests by those […]

Phishing Scheme Twist

July 9, 2015 Tom 0

This morning your BBB received an e-mail that was rather suspicious, and stating the following, “Your pending payment was initiated as agreed. Kindly re-confirm your swift code immediately on attached document.” The e-mail was sent to “undisclosed recipients, with instructions to […]

Check Those Checks

December 10, 2013 Michael 0

Your BBB is hearing of a new problem where criminals are calling and tricking children and guardians of seniors to provide the name of their mother or father’s doctor. They then call the senior and say he is her doctor […]

Some MoneyGram Customers to Receive Refunds

September 10, 2013 Michael 0

From 2004 through 2009, the Tri-State Better Business Bureau received many calls from people who were told they won money, but first had to go to Walmart, and send money via MoneyGram to cover fees. This scheme eventually expanded to […]

CFPB Releases Complaint Data

April 1, 2013 Amanda 0

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced last week that they have released additional complaint data to the general public.  The CFPB is a government agency established by the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010.  According to their website, “Congress established the […]

Financial Health Check Up

February 25, 2013 Tom 0

While looking on Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet regarding personal financial health.  People may feel a bit overwhelmed when looking at their incoming funds and their outgoing funds.  Others may feel trapped by the amount debt they’ve […]