Watch Out for Work at Home Scams!

May 9, 2017 Oana Schneider 0

Your BBB® has been getting many phone calls about these work at home scams. What the scammers do is: they send job seekers an email claiming to have found their resumes online and offering them a work from home job. […]

Mystery Shopper Offers Still A Problem

September 9, 2013 Tom 0

This past week I received a call regarding a mystery shopper offer.  The caller said that they had received a money order in the amount of more than $900.00, and they were concerned that the offer wasn’t sincere.  They deposited […]

Can I Get Paid to Shop?

July 8, 2013 Amanda 0

Your BBB receives calls every day from consumers who are looking into mystery shopping in order to make a little extra money.  We’d thought we’d pass along the following information on mystery shopping and what to watch out for when […]

Recent Scams to Be Aware Of

November 15, 2011 Beth 0

Here are a few of the latest scams the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( wants consumers to be aware of: “Fraudster Double-Dipping” A fraudster posts a “nonexistent vehicle” for sale online.  (Accompanying photos are from another post and details are […]