Phishing Scheme Twist

July 9, 2015 Tom 0

This morning your BBB received an e-mail that was rather suspicious, and stating the following, “Your pending payment was initiated as agreed. Kindly re-confirm your swift code immediately on attached document.” The e-mail was sent to “undisclosed recipients, with instructions to […]

One in Ten Adults Are Victims of Internet Crime

April 23, 2013 Michael 0

A new Federal Trade Commission study released last week shows internet crime was experienced by 25.6 million adults – 10.8% of the adult population in 2011. This includes email, social media, auction sites and classified ads, followed by print advertising, […]

Who’s Inside Your Computer?

April 19, 2013 Jason 0

We continue to hear from consumers who have received calls claiming that there is something wrong with their computer and the person on the other end offers to help. The consumer receives a call from someone they don’t know (often […]

Is Good Customer Service Dead?

March 26, 2013 Michael 0

More and more, businesses are burying their phone numbers, and retailers are steering you to online FAQs. Although recorded messages insist your call is very important, many companies make poor use of technology and inadequately train their staff. The Better […]

Modern Warfare 4 Beta Call Of Duty Scam?

March 5, 2013 Tom 0

Recently we at the BBB learned of an issue with the Beta release of codes to Modern Warfare 4.  Even gamers need to be aware of potential fraud as well. A fake web site was setup attracting gamers looking to […]