Your Medication Prescriptions are No Secret

March 24, 2016 Michael 0

An article in Consumer Reports tells how our medical information is not as private as many would like. When you fill a prescription, you may assume your medication is between you, the pharmacist, and your doctor. But a surprising number […]

Don’t Smile! You’re On Candid Camera

December 12, 2014 Jackie 0

Your BBB® wrote about this issue back in August of 2013, but more incidents are being reported of nanny cams, baby monitors, security cameras, and other IP cameras being hacked. With more consumers turning to network or Internet cameras, also […]

Privacy Concerns with Mobile Shopping Apps

August 7, 2014 Jackie 0

An article in Business Week called mobile payment transactions the next revolutionary shift in payments. The article reports that the tracking firm, Gartner, found that worldwide mobile transactions totaled $163.1 billion in 2012 and predicted a total of $235.4 billion […]

Facebook to Track Users Across the Web

July 10, 2014 Jackie 0

When Facebook announced major changes to its privacy and advertising policies recently, your BBB did some research to learn what those changes mean for consumers. Facebook announced the changes in an official company blog post on June 12, 2014. Facebook […]

Do You Know About Mall Tracking?

February 13, 2014 Jackie 0

Your BBB brings you information about mall tracking, the practice of businesses tracking consumers’ locations, purchases, and more through their smartphones. Consumers making purchases online have long known that they are being tracked, but now brick-and-mortar businesses are getting into […]