Phishing Scheme Twist

July 9, 2015 Tom 0

This morning your BBB received an e-mail that was rather suspicious, and stating the following, “Your pending payment was initiated as agreed. Kindly re-confirm your swift code immediately on attached document.” The e-mail was sent to “undisclosed recipients, with instructions to […]

Tax Season Begins, Tax Schemes Continue

January 16, 2015 Amanda 0

Tax season officially begins next week, and before it does, your BBB® would like to remind you that schemes related to your taxes continue to abound. We still receive multiple calls per week from consumers who have received calls from […]

Watch Out for Fraudulent Subscription Notices

October 30, 2014 Amanda 0

Your BBB® has learned that newspapers from all over the U.S., including right here in Evansville, are being hit by a subscription scam. Individuals are sending out fraudulent renewal notices to residents, hoping to trick subscribers into paying them for […]

Credit Card And Shipping Fraud

August 25, 2014 Tom 0

From time to time, your Tri-State BBB hears from various law enforcement agencies regarding fraudulent activity. We have learned of a scheme that is currently being worked regarding credit card and shipping fraud. This is how it works. A job […]

Avoiding Fake Insurance

April 10, 2013 Michael 0

The Indiana Department of Insurance cautions consumers that fake insurance policies are on the rise in every line of insurance, with Indiana consumers footing the bills in unpaid claims. Just like counterfeit money, fake insurance may appear to be legitimate […]