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Talk to a real person! (or Useful Website #1)

Talk to a real person! (or Useful Website #1)

We’ve all been there- you try to get a hold of your credit card company and you wind up in phone tree purgatory with no way out. All you want is to speak to a real live person, preferably one with good communication skills. can help. This cool site has a directory of top companies in the financial, retail, automotive industries as well as other assorted mega-companies. GetHuman helps you to do just what its name implies- get a human to answer the phone. For instance, did you know that if you call the credit reporting agency Equifax at 866-640-2273 you will be connected to a person if you press 30 at every prompt, ignoring the automated messages?

Next time you need to talk to someone rather than something, check out GetHuman before dialing. It might save you time and frustration.

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