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The Scammers never stop…neither can you.

The Scammers never stop...neither can you. - The Beacon


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By: Mary Beth

The Scammers never stop…neither can you.

When people usually think of education, they see a school full of young people learning to read and write but education is much more than that. One of the reasons that we started this blog was to help educate adults on a variety of consumer issues in a clear, practical manner. There are a lot of scams out there. And some of the con men (and women!) are very, very clever. They have devised some schemes beyond what I can even imagine in terms of complexity. That is why people fall for the ruse. It’s not that the victims are unintelligent or even that they are particularly greedy, but the con men make every thing seem legitimate. And people don’t know where to turn for advice on this sort of thing. Your friends and family are probably as unaware as you are on the latest trend in the world of fraud (unless you are lucky enough to know a wonderful bureau employee like me!).

Hopefully by reading this site and others like it, you will be able to educate yourself in an easy, gradual way. We want to make you more aware of the potential of scams. It can happen in your sleepy little town as easily as in a thriving metropolis. And we hope to be educated by our readers. If you have anything to add, ask or argue about just let us know.

Education doesn’t end with graduation. Scammers never stop coming up with new ways to fool you and take your money, so you need to be continually arming yourself with more knowledge.

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Mary Beth