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Things we can’t do

Things we can't do - The Beacon


By: Mary Beth

Things we can’t do

Here is a list of what the BBB cannot handle. If you have a problem in one of these areas, you can give us a call and we’ll try to recommend some avenue for you to pursue, but we can’t process the complaint ourselves. Sorry.

¢ Employment issues

¢ Government agencies

¢ Public schools

¢ Complaints against individuals who are not engaged in a business (e.g., a person who sells their personal car through a classified advertisement).

¢ Professional services or procedures conducted by health care professionals, lawyers, etc. (However Bureaus DO handle complaints concerning billing practices for services or procedures)

¢ Complaints alleging discrimination or other rights violations.

¢ Prices

¢ Matters that already have gone to court

¢ Companies with no business address, such as a P.O. box that has been shut down

¢ Situations where the complainant is anonymous

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