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It’s Time to Check Your Annual Credit Reports!

It’s Time to Check Your Annual Credit Reports!


By: Andrew Erk

It’s Time to Check Your Annual Credit Reports!

Your BBB® wants to remind everyone in the tri-state area that checking your credit every year is a must. Credit reports may not always be fun to look at, but they are imperative for knowledge of your future. Taking care to make frequent check-ups on your financial information can help uncover what information is, or isn’t, on your credit report.

Reports from all three-major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are all made available for free once a year on Every twelve months the release of credits is required by law. If choosing not to look at all three reports at once, they can be viewed one per month over a four-month span.

During the time of large purchases, which can range from cars to houses, may require that you check your credit reports more frequently including looking at all three reports with extreme caution. Small differences can be a sign of issues with the report.

If errors are found on the report, the following steps can be taken:

Poor credit problems can be fixed in time and they require patience. Work on things yourself to control credit issues. After a period of six to nine months another credit may be viewed for free on

For more information you can trust, visit bbb.og/Evansville!

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