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Tips from Your Tri-State BBB® for On-The-Spot Sales Calls

Tips from Your Tri-State BBB® for On-The-Spot Sales Calls - The Beacon


By: Susan

Tips from Your Tri-State BBB® for On-The-Spot Sales Calls

Visitors at the door are common when the weather is nice, providing the opportunity for on-the-spot sales calls. Some services lend themselves to this more than others, such as those offering items like painting or landscaping, or those who provide contracted services such as home security systems or television offerings.  

These offers may be quite appealing when presented at your door, but your Tri-State BBB® would like to share some reminders to protect your family and purchases.

  1. Remember to Research Companies and Representatives First – Some companies may provide their sales representatives with badges or picture IDs to boost consumer confidence, but the visitor at your door is still a stranger right now. You should never feel badly about not allowing such visitors into your home, requesting further company information or discontinuing uncomfortable conversations. Reputable companies should have no issue with such requests or requests for an appointment at a later date. Free BBB Business Reviews providing contact information, complaint history and other business information, can be located, free of charge at
  1. Beware of “Act Now” Discounts or Scare Tactics – Consumers have sometimes reported special discounts being offered, due to extra materials being available, or work being completed in an area nearby. Others have heard about safety issues noticed by representatives that need attention right away. Many claims of this nature require quick decisions and commitments, leaving you little time to do research, check into other quotes or learn more about the visitor at the door. It is always wise to take your time with purchasing decisions, making sure you are comfortable with all aspects, before making commitments.
  1. Don’t Believe Your Service Has Been Transferred Without Checking It Out We have heard stories from consumers where they have been told that their contracted service company will no longer be handling their needs; however, the new company visiting today, will be taking over their service. Others may say your contract has been purchased or upgrades may be needed which may require a charge. Before you believe anyone who visits with such stories, always contact your original provider to confirm.
  1. Check Out Licensing and the Fine Print Before You Sign – Different cities and areas have different requirements on licensing. You should always check with your city before making a commitment, to see what licensing is required, and if the company’s is up to date. Also make sure to review contracts carefully to ensure all agreed upon services, materials and timelines are listed, as well as any special provisions discussed. Make sure you understand all terms and conditions too, before you finalize the contract.

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Susan is Director of Media Relations for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau. She is a contributor to the blog as well as to the online News Center, found at Susan also helps to produce an annual accredited business recognition banquet.