Tri-State BBB Warns About Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Scam Calls!

Your BBB® would like to warn tristate area residents of a scam claiming to raise money for the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust. According to the IBCAT, their organization doesn’t call to ask for donations and the only money they generate comes through the BMV IBCAT license plate. If you receive a similar call, please know that it did not come from them! Don’t send money and don’t disclose personal information. You can read the entire news release here.

Also, there are a few tips if you’re thinking about donating to a charity:

  1. Don’t give cash. Write a check and make it payable to the organization, not the persona collecting money.
  2. Keep track of your donations so that you have everything organized when tax time comes along.
  3. Pay close attention to the charity’s name. Sometimes scammers will try to mimic the name of a reputable and well-known organization and change it only a bit to trick you into donating money.
  4. If you are being threatened or guilted into donating money, hang up immediately and contact your local authorities.
  5. Check the Wise Giving Alliance to find out more about charities in your area, their mission, and work. This should give you a clearer picture of where your donation money would go.

For more information you can trust, go to!

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