Trouble at the Dealership: Cash for Clunkers Again

Everyday in the news a unique issue relating to the Cash for Clunkers (CARS) government rebate program appears.  At first, we were hearing reports describing the various details of the program. Next, we heard money for the program had run out while also receiving news about emerging scams.   

Now, we hear that some dealers are experiencing delays receiving funds from the government and some are even requiring consumers to sign additional agreements that require consumers to do things like repay the dealer if paperwork issues arise.   

But the U.S. Department of Transportation says no, consumers are not required to sign additional agreements.  Yes, paperwork delays and rejections have occurred. And some dealers have expressed frustration in the length of time it can take to get paperwork approved.  However, the U.S. DOT asserts consumers are not required to sign any additional agreements. In fact, consumers can read more here, including sample questions from buyers and other helpful facts. 

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