Vizio TVs Are Reporting Back Everything You Watch: Here’s How to Stop That from Happening!

Vizio TVs

The FTC sued Vizio in federal court, alleging that the manufacturer had been selling TV sets that tracked consumers by default. Your BBB® shares a few tips on how to stop your TV from reporting back everything you’re watching:

Vizio TV Sets

If your Vizio TV uses SmartCast, you’ll have to use the mobile app in order to change your settings:

  • Open your app
  • Click on Settings
  • Reset and Admin
  • Disable Smart Interactivity

If your TV set doesn’t use an app for control, you can simply disable Smart Interactivity using your remote:

  • On your remote, press Menu, then Settings
  • Choose System
  • Choose Reset and Admin
  • Go to Smart Interactivity
  • Press right arrow to disable it

Samsung TV Sets

  • Open your main menu and choose Settings
  • Support
  • Scroll down to Terms & Policies
  • You will have three options (you can separately accept or reject terms for):
  1. Viewing Information Services
  2. Voice Recognition Services
  3. Nuance Voice Recognition and Privacy Notices
  • Disable Internet-Based Advertising.

If your TV set is an older model:

  • Go to the Smart Hub menu
  • Settings
  • Support
  • Find the Terms & Policies sub-menu
  • Select SyncPlus and Marketing, press to disable this feature.

LG TV sets

For 2015 and newer LG TV sets:

  • Open the main menu and select Settings
  • Look for General, select it
  • About this TV
  • User Agreements
  • You have the option to separately agree or opt out of:
  1. Viewing information
  2. Personal Advertising
  3. Voice Information

For older LG TV sets:

  • Choose Settings
  • Options
  • Find LivePlus
  • Disable it.

Stay safe and protect your data!

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