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Watch Out for Tobacco Master Settlement Deceiving Promotions!

Watch Out for or Tobacco Master Settlement Deceiving Promotions!


By: Oana Schneider

Watch Out for Tobacco Master Settlement Deceiving Promotions!

Your BBB® has learned that Attorney General Curtis Hill is warning Indiana residents not to fall for a series of deceptive promotions that tells Hoosiers they may receive payments following the Tobacco Master Settlement.

In fact, this settlement only allows state agencies to direct the funds, so no individual or private company can give you a refund. Be wary of pitches inviting you to sign up for payments through Money Map Press. This is an online promotion that leads residents to believe they might be entitled to refunds when the truth is that only state agencies can handle this situation.

This online promotion is also asking consumers to provide billing and payment information to gain access to a monthly report that is supposedly going to offer more information on this subject.

After entering his/her personal information, the consumer is charged $5 for the first month and then an additional $99 fee for a 12-month subscription. If you come across this online promotion or have been victimized by it, you are asked to contact the Consumer Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General.

You can also go to and report a scam.

For more information you can trust, visit!

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.