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Your Email for Sale

Your Email for Sale - The Beacon


By: Michael

Your Email for Sale

Your BBB® has reported in the past on bogus customer surveys.

There is a recent increase of surveys being emailed, but some are merely phishing emails trying to trick you into collecting reward points. Some are receiving emails with subject lines including:

“Your Reward Points are Expiring. Claim Now!” or “Your eBalance Points are Expiring Soon!” The email uses the name of a well-known store, with many brands being impersonated. You are a frequent shopper at the store, so you click to open the message. The email says that you’ve been selected to complete a survey about your recent customer experience. Finish the questionnaire, says the email, and you will receive $100 or more in “bonus-points.” The link may lead to a real survey, which upon completion, prompts you to purchase questionable products such as diet pills or wrinkle cream. Some have forms requesting banking and credit card info, while others contain links that if clicked on will download malware to your computer.

How to Spot Bogus Emails:

Don’t click on links that come in unsolicited emails.

The email claims to have information about you, but you never signed up for it. While it might appear personalized by using your name, they may actually be blast emails. If you never signed up for emails from a company, you shouldn’t be receiving them.

Don’t act immediately! Emails try to push you into action before you have had time to think. Always be wary of emails urging you to act immediately or face a consequence.

Watch for typos, strange phrasing and bad grammar. Brand logos are easily copied in emails. Awkward wording and poor grammar are the first sign that messages are not on the up and up.

Hover over URLs to reveal their true destination. Typically, the hyperlinked text will say one thing, but the link will point somewhere else. Make sure the links actually lead to the business’ official website, not a variation of the domain name.

Learn more by visiting BBB Scam Stopper.

While the BBB endeavors to provide accurate information to the public, changes in the law, facts or circumstances may have occurred since the foregoing was posted. The BBB recommends doing independent research and consulting professional advisors concerning a particular situation.

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