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Holiday Check List From Your BBB

Holiday Check List From Your BBB


By: Oana Schneider

Holiday Check List From Your BBB

Christmas is almost here and your BBB couldn’t be more excited. But before we start decorating the house, shopping for presents and sampling eggnogs (hey, someone’s got to do it!), you may want to take a look at this checklist we put together for you! While your regular holiday checklist may focus on the fun side of things, our list will make sure you have everything nice and ready for the big event, so here’s what you need:

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”18″ align=”left”]1. Light up entrances[/su_heading]

Check all the exterior lights, change lights bulbs if necessary and even invest in some energy-saving motion-activated lights. With daylight saving time ending and the day becoming shorter than the night, chances for burglaries increase, so make sure your home is well lit and ready to face intruders!

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”18″ align=”left”]2. Check on your appliances[/su_heading]

Before you stuff a giant turkey in the oven, make sure to inspect your stove, oven, refrigerator, mixers and any other appliance you plan on using this season. Look behind your big appliances, remove all dust and debris and if you notice anything suspicious, use to find a specialist you can trust! Don’t try fixing your appliances by yourself if you’ve never done this before!

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”18″ align=”left”]3. Sharpen your knives[/su_heading]

It’s been a while since you’ve done this, right? Make sure all your knives and blades are ready for the massive chopping and slicing you’ll be doing soon. However, remember to be extra careful when using sharp utensils!

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”18″ align=”left”]4. Fireproof your house[/su_heading]

Don’t forget to extinguish candles before going to bed or leaving the room! The most important piece of advice, however, is to get your wood burning fireplace (if you have one) checked by a professional! And you can head to to find a BBB accredited specialist!

[su_heading style=”flat-green” size=”18″ align=”left”]5. Test your alarms[/su_heading]

This is something that needs to be done periodically, but it’s extremely important in the winter time. Safety regulations require that you have a smoke alarm on every level of the house and in each bedroom and hallway. And don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher on each level of the house, plus one in the kitchen (we know you’re a great cook, but just in case!).

This holiday season, enjoy your time together and don’t forget to get your home ready for the big event! If you need help, you can always call your BBB or head over to and find a trustworthy specialist!

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.