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Kids’ Information Taken Without Permission

Kids’ Information Taken Without Permission


By: Andrew Erk

Kids’ Information Taken Without Permission

In today’s continually growing digital world kids are growing up more comfortable interacting with digital technology on a regular basis. The comfortability of kids’ interaction online allows for them to feel comfortable sharing information online. This is especially true if your kid is talented and is being actively recruited by talent agencies. This is exactly what happened with Explore Talent, an agency from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The FTC alleges that Explore Talent allowed children under 13 to sign themselves up for accounts that disclosed personal information. Signing up for the accounts required kids provide information such as name, race, gender, physical descriptions and other things.

The FTC claims that Explore Talent used, collected and disclosed the personal information without gaining permission from parents when kids were signing up for these accounts. Most of the information from signing up became public on the kids’ individual profile. The Privacy Policy claimed that they knowingly did not collect information from those under the age of 13.

If your kid is under the age of 13 you, as the parent, have control over the information companies collect on your child online. This is because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). COPPA requires that these organizations ask your permission prior to collecting or releasing your child’s information.

The proposed court order would stop business and keep defendants from engaging in practices that caused injury to consumers.

If you feel that a website has collected information or marketed towards your kids in a wrongful manner, report the site to the FTC here.

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Andrew Erk is our Trade Practice Assistant. He writes about business trends and consumer news and is also our social media, graphic design and digital guru.