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Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift? Shop Early and Safely!

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift? Shop Early and Safely!


By: Oana Schneider

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift? Shop Early and Safely!

Counting down the days to Valentine’s Day? Your favorite BBB® has a few tips and tricks to help you navigate through a wide array of florists, chocolatiers and gift shops. And if you need help finding out more information about a vendor/company, you can always contact us!

  1. Research the seller

So you found a seller that meets your criteria but don’t really know much about their track record? No problem! Go to, type the seller’s name and location into the search bar and you will immediately have access to our full report. You will find verified customer reviews, BBB ratings and customer complaints. This should offer enough information regarding the business’ policy regarding complaints, how they handle negative reviews and so on.

  1. Shop around

Choosing the first seller that comes your way may not be a great idea and here’s why: sometimes products and services range in price, so why not take a little longer to shop around and find the best offer? Once you have found what you were looking for, contact the seller if you have questions regarding the return policy (if that is the case) and then place your order. It’s important that you order your Valentine’s Day items ahead of time, just in case the item isn’t what you were expecting, the wrong color/size etc.

  1. Have you tried a local florist?

The BBB receives quite a few complaints regarding florists especially around Valentine’s Day, from late delivery claims to “this is not what the seller advertised” type of claims. To avoid all of this and make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for, you can either research florists online, on, or visit one of our local florist shops and literally smell the roses before purchasing them.

  1. Know your gift cards

If you’re going with a gift card, there are a few things to keep in mind: check to see if there are any extra fees, know the terms and condition and verify if there are any shipping and handling fees when making a purchase online and not in-store.

Follow these steps and you should have a wonderful and stress-free Valentine’s Day. For more information you can trust, go to!

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Oana Schneider is our Director of Media Services. She writes consumer and business oriented articles and is in charge of our community outreach program.